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Silicon carbide SiC
KORUND Benátky, s.r.o.

 Silicon Carbide is produced in resistance furnace, where exact mixtures of petroleumcoke and siliceous sand are burnt  Silicon Carbide arise by increasing of crystals in  the core of furnace during smelting.


 After cooled, furnace is  disassambled, material  is sorted and according to the quality is classified to material suitable for a production of abrasive grains and material suitable for metallurgy.
 For a production of abrasive grains is used material with silicon carbide SiC content   min. 98%.     For metallurgical_purposes is used material with  silicon carbide SiC content minimal 90%.

 Silicon carbide SiC 98% is further crushed and on sorting lines formed and classified to different types of abrasive grains. All production process is permanently checked by internal laboratory which assured 100% conforming to technological method and following creation of quality  abrasive grains.

 Silicon Carbide black is mainly used for a production of abrasive tools and  instruments. Among further possibilities of  usage belongs blasting by dry and wet method, production of refractory blocks, bricks, refractory cements and compacting mixtures.

 In electrotechnical industry for a production of insulating materials and lightning arresters. Wonderfuly is asserted as addition to laminated and frame saws at cutting of stone, then  as filling agent to an epoxy resins for increasing of resistance against






  We produce foundry briquettes in wide assortment and two basic groups:
      Briquettes SiC
  Briquettes SiC are produced in content of 50% and 70% into different forms. Mostly are produced SiC briquettes SPECIAL 70% in size of 10 x 10 x 11 cm, packed are on palettes for 1.000 kg. These briquettes are determined for cupola furnaces with manual batching.

  For machine batching are produced briquettes of hexagonal shape in size of 9 x 10 cm with content of 70 % or 50 % SiC. These briquettes are supplied either in bulk or in big-bags.
      FeSi briquettes
  We produce FeSi briquettes in content of 65 % and 50 % of clear Si. For a production of briquettes is again used several types of forms. For manual batching are mostly supplied briquettes in size of 10 x 10 x 11 cm. For machine batching we supply briquettes in size of 4,5 x 4,5 x 5 cm.

  The whole production of briquettes is during a process checked by intra-plant laboratory, which assures high grade briquettes.