Brown Corundum Al2O3

Corundum Brown is produced by fusing of bauxite in induction furnaces at temperature of 1600 ℃. After cooled of 5 tonnes block, Corundum Brown is crushed and sorted out. By cascade of rolls and jaw crushers, raw material is ready for sorting machine. Grain is sorted and formed on sorting line according to a requirement of customer.

Our company supply Corundum Brown sizing FEPA in range F12 - F1000. Further we supply refractory mixtures in size of 0-1 mm, 1-3 mm, 3-5 mm and 0-10 mm.


  • Abrasive grains sizing FEPA are used for a production of abrasive tools and for blasting.
  • Mixtures 0-1 mm etc. are used for reaching a better quality of concrete and resinous floors and for a production of refractorymaterials.
A production process is permanently checked by internal laboratory.
Reqularly is made sieving analysis, determined content Al2O3, measured content of magnetic fractions and checked bulk density.
Separate 700 kg heavy storage tanks are equiped with accompanying certificate and quality of goods is quarented.