White Corundum Al2O3

White Corundum is produced by fusing of clean Al2O3 in induction furnace. After cooled, arised White Corundum is treated and sorted whereby high grade raw material for a production of White Corundum grains arised. Grains of Whited Corundum have excellent properties and are suitable for a production of abrasive tools. White corundum is also used for a production of refractor ymaterials. Our supplied White Corundum contents minimal 99,6% Al2O3 which guarantees the highest possible quality of abrasive grains.


White Corundum
  • production of white even colour grinding tools and instruments with ceramic, resinous, magnesite, shellac and rubber binder
  • production of refractory blocks, bricks, cements, ceramic pouches, catalyzers and compating mixtures dishing up in free form, drum, vibrating
  • removal of fraies
  • special blasting of different materials and products
  • production of filters and diffusion nozzles
  • grinding and lappeding of materials with free grains
  • production of electroisolating component parts